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The MLC urges its legislative delegation to be mindful of the following guiding principles when deliberating on tax, finance and regional growth initiatives:

  • In order to promote accountability, local government finance should demonstrate a strong relationship between taxes paid and benefits received.
  • Unfunded state mandates, levy limits, property tax freeze and reverse referenda significantly limit the predictability necessary for local governments to plan with financial confidence.
  • Cities characterized with high property values are not universally populated with high-income residents. Populations in all of our cities are not only culturally diverse, but include retirees on fixed incomes, single parents and apartment dwellers. The number of seniors in our communities is rising. Policies that ignore such diversity are not equitable.
  • Any tax reform creates burden shifts on individual taxpayers and potential revenue shortfalls for communities and should be recognized and addressed by the State in order to maintain the stability of our local communities.
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