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The MLC was established in 1984 to provide a voice at the Capitol for a group of suburban communities who shared common demographic, economic, and tax base characteristics. These suburban cities believed their unique interests were not being represented. As a result, Jim Miller (Minnetonka City Manager, 1980-1993) led an effort to establish a suburban lobbying coalition, which became known as the “Municipal Legislative Commission” (MLC).

The MLC began with 14 cities and focused on addressing state legislative issues, particularly those directed at the MLC’s suburban communities. However, as time passed, the MLC expanded its focus beyond defending its own interests and began advocating sound public policy and promoting transparency in local government.

The MLC also developed as an association and currently has 16 member cities. The association became a forum for city managers and mayors to promote best practices, enhance accountability, and find solutions to challenging issues around tax policy, economic development, as well as improving customer service to local residents.

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